About human.kind

In an ever-changing market environment, organisations are being compelled to take note of a burgeoning reputation economy. It is no longer sufficient to contemplate the refinement of an offering or the optimisation of its production; organisations need to heed the fact that people now buy products or engage services, take jobs or make investments based predominantly on their trust, admiration and appreciation for the companies and institutions behind the engagement.

human.kind is a purpose driven consultancy that specialises in aiding companies and institutions in developing and sustaining their organisational reputation.

At the heart of our work lies the conviction that organisations have the power to affect much needed positive societal and environmental transformation. Our approach ensures that every client embraces the opportunities afforded them to become agents of positive change, guaranteeing their own relevance and competitive advantage in the process.

Our Approach

Our Philosophy

Acting with purpose has become the philosophy that underlies everything we do. Whatever the nature of the project, we always start off by asking ourselves if the desired outcome will have a positive impact. Regardless of the size of the task, we always stay true to our ethos. Take the case study below as an example. A routine brief became an opportunity to affect a positive change.

Wessa Annual Review

WESSA, the Wildlife and Environmental Society of South Africa, asked us to create their annual review document for 2013. As this type of document injects huge amounts of waste into the system, we wanted to create something that is better aligned to WESSA’s values; an object that had longer term value than just the information on its pages. Not only do the materials used in this extraordinary document’s construction have stellar eco-credentials – from the printing technique, ink and paper to hard cover – but once read, the review can be reconfigured into a fully functional solar lamp with eight hours of usable light on a single charge.


We’re not alone

We’re not alone in our thinking, our vision is one that is shared by others:

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