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About human.kind

We are a specialist consultancy, geared towards maximising the positive impact that responsible, ethical practices have on a company and its brand, personnel and bottom line.

We believe the power of corporations is the key to positive societal and environmental transformation and that corporations have a responsibility to act as agents of change in society. This can only be achieved through successful prioritisation of this in the business strategy itself. It’s not a “nice to have”; it is a compelling and powerful competitive advantage.

It is not about scorecards or compliance; it is about creating the maximum impact and extracting the highest possible value from these investments, both for the business and the earth.

Wessa Annual Review

WESSA, the Wildlife and Environmental Society of South Africa, asked us to create their annual review document for 2013. As this type of document injects huge amounts of waste into the system, we wanted to create something that is better aligned to WESSA’s values; an object that had longer term value than just the information on its pages. Not only do the materials used in this extraordinary document’s construction have stellar eco-credentials – from the printing technique, ink and paper to hard cover – but once read, the review can be reconfigured into a fully functional solar lamp with eight hours of usable light on a single charge.



When briefed to launch a new model for a well-known automotive manufacturer, we asked “Why just launch a new vehicle and punt its uses? Couldn’t we do that and leave a lasting, positive impression on society in the process?” This is an example of our philosophy to not just tell a good story, but to help create a story worth telling, and then tell it beautifully.


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