Back after 10 years!

Activated in 8 hours.

After many years, the Dialdirect Pothole Brigade had a way back, as part of the Dialdirect and Discovery Pothole Patrol.

A beautiful collaboration where two insurance giants join forces for good, not only to fix the potholes that have been the topic of many frustrated residents’ tweets, but also to make the roads a safer place for all drivers. After the partnership between Dialdirect and Discovery was signed, human.kind was briefed at 7:30 on Friday, 30 April – keen to cease the moment, we got straight to work.  By lunchtime that same day the video content was shot, graded and ready for social media, by the end of the day final animated artwork for digital outdoor and branded cars were dispatched to media owners. Human.kind was awarded the weekly partner award for their outstanding contribution in record time to market.

“After 10 years, we’re back and once again, are ready to help solve the backlog of potholes and help motorists drive right.”

Anneli Retief

Head of Dialdirect Insurance