Kontak ons NOU, want nou-nou is te laat.

The brief for the 2022 Virseker retail campaign was to create a campaign that would be unique, memorable and cut through the clutter, and primarily aimed at a younger target audience without alienating the existing older target audience.

During the campaign development, we decided to create TV commercials based on a custom-composed rap song, to be delivered by the well-known rapper Early B. We offset this modern approach by including the iconic Afrikaans entertainers Sonja Heroldt, Frank Opperman and Pierre van Pletzen, who were extremely popular with our existing older target audience.

Early B composed and extremely catchy jingle that touched on all the USPs the client required us to address, rounded off by a melodic call to action that has since become an earworm. Shot on a minimalistic set using Virseker’s corporate colours to good effect, the TVC – pilot element of the greater campaign – is easily the most well-received Virseker advertisement  to date.

“Since day one, human.kind has played a cardinal role in Virseker’s success, because they understand the brand’s essence and the niche cultural nuances inherent to our target audience. They understand what we want to achieve and give us exactly what we need to be competitive. Die mense by human.kind is almal ysters!”

Neil Van Der Walt

Marketing Manager: Virseker