Virseker GT Camper Competition

When we started planning the campaign around our GT Camper competition, we wanted to stretch our budget as far as we possibly could. Our aim was not just to announce the competition, but also to generate additional social content.

Having worked with human.kind for many years, we had confidence in the agency’s ability to meet the divergent requirements with a single low-cost shoot. As they’ve done so many times before, human.kind once again exceeded our expectations.

The agency structured the scripts in such a way that contiguous elements could be broken up into multiple short clips, making the content work much harder than usual. On set, they impressed us with their ability to adapt to changing requirements on the fly without compromising the quality of the output. They were relaxed and approachable, but maintained a strong focus on what they needed to achieve.

“The human.kind team is an important part of our marketing arsenal, because they have such a remarkable insight into our brand that they literally personify it – I am convinced that if Virseker were a person, it would be a twin to any of the team members.”

Moné Bothma

Virseker Brand Manager