What is WRAP?

WRAP is an app-like, rich content presentation layer optimised for mobile devices, allowing users to engage with your message within seconds. As a result, they are immediately submerged in a delightful experience that breaks through the clutter.

Why will it benefit you?

  • No coding or HTML knowledge needed.
  • Solutions can be authored within minutes.
  • URL can be sent via SMS, WhatsApp, organic and paid-for social media, display banners, e-mailers or QR codes.
  • Each URL has analytics powered by Google Data Studio.
  • Optimise performance by adjusting the message in real time based on the analytics.


The advanced WRAP reporting tool is simple and easy to read, and showcases big data in a meaningful way. This data includes unique users vs. returning users, which cards they engage with most, what CTAs they click, as well as data on age and gender demographics, geolocation of every user, and so much more. Additionally, the platform allows you to pivot and perfect your WRAP in a LIVE environment, based on data insights.

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Ultraboost X

A great example of a simple, effective execution to take viewers through the sales funnel with no extraneous information to distract them, this is one of the best-performing Wraps ever.

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Auto & General

App Downloads

Of those individuals that the WRAP was sent to, there was a significant increase in users who clicked through to the App stores to download their App. This outperformed the traditional executions for this campaign.

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The WRAP was only sent to 2 500 people. The additional 23 802 unique views resulted from individuals sharing the WRAP.

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