Fearless has a new name.

The 1st for Women Win a Land Rover Defender Competition set out with very high levels of TOP stakeholder involvement and ambitious campaign results, given the enormity of the R1.4 million price tag on the Land Rover Defender they were giving away. This gave rise to some impressive campaign results that shot the lights out of their targets, delivering:

  • the first month’s lead targets in a matter of 2 days
  • 80% of required contacts for the competition within half the time
  • a conversion rate of 150% of the required
  • the cost per conversion reduced to just 8% of usual levels – a record for any campaign for 1st for Women

“Is HK for human.kind or human kinda freaking great? Honestly though, Defender would not have been possible without the “can-do, will-do, sure-by-COB-do” attitude of the team. No ask was too great or too late to make it happen. In our industry we are constantly working with unusual business timing and there is nothing like feeling supported and understood by one’s high-performing agency partner!”

Taylea du Toit

Brand Manager: 1st for Women